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Couple in hawaii walking down the beach


Leave your PROposal to the professionals


The magic of a proposal is so much more than bending down on one knee; it requires a lot of planning and coordination. The photos you see of your friends and family proposing may look effortless, but behind the scenes is a lot of coordination and a hidden world of meticulous arrangements. That is precisely why PROposal Hawaii was born.


Hiring a photographer to capture the day is a no-brainer, but you need to hire someone with the skill and experience to capture the all-too-important and quickly fleeting moment of a proposal. Here at PROposal Hawaii we want to deliver more than just photos, we don’t settle for simply pointing and clicking. Our mission at PROposal Hawaii is to curate an experience tailored exclusively for your love story. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Creating Custom Hawaii PROposals,

one couple at a time.

The Experience

Congratulations on taking the first step toward creating your unforgettable dream proposal! Here at PROposal Hawaii, we are thrilled to embark on this journey with you, tailoring each and every detail to reflect your unique love story. Here’s how we will shape this life-changing experience with you:


Give Us a Vibe


& Planning


"I DO"

You’ve got the ring, you’ve booked the trip, and now it’s time to share your vision with us. We want to understand your style, preferences, and dreams for the perfect Hawaii proposal. We strive to create a PROposal that is as unique as your love. Upon booking we will strategically chat during a phone consultation, planning out all the details to craft the perfect hawaii proposal. The journey that has led to this proposal should be a milestone that stands as a testament to the love, time, and energy you both have invested in one another. Your fiance deserves to have a dream proposal that reflects this beautiful journey you both share. With your vision and expertise, we will curate an experience that captures the essence of your extraordinary love story.

Once we have discovered what your unique vibe is, it is time for the real excitement to unfold: THE PROPOSAL PLANNING. Oahu is full of beautiful places and it can be difficult to decide which breathtaking location will be the right one for your love story. There are many factors behind the gorgeous photos you see on the internet or on social media from your friends and families vacations. What will the weather be like? Will the tide be high or low? Is this a crowded location? Jungle or ocean? It is easy to get overwhelmed, luckily you have the perfect guide. At PROposal Hawaii, we have immersed ourselves in the wonders of Oahu, surfing its waves, swimming in its crystal-clear waters, diving into hidden gems, and hiking its majestic trails. Our firsthand experiences enable us to provide expert insights and invaluable knowledge of Oahu. During our 15-minute phone consultation, we’ll explore various location options that suit your style and go over the logistics of your dream proposal. Our goal is to curate a seamless and magical experience for you.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting! The logistics have been handled and now all you need to do is immerse yourself in the joy of the moment. Little does your soon-to-be-fiance know that you have a photographer ready and waiting to capture the moment. Rest assured that every detail has been carefully orchestrated to ensure a smooth and unforgettable proposal. We have proudly orchestrated countless PROposals, and our expertise shines through in every aspect of our work. At PROposal Hawaii we are confident in our planning and strategy that have been built upon years of experience.

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