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Do you strictly do proposal planning or can I plan a different kind of surprise?

We can absolutely help you with any surprise planning needs. Whether it be a pregnancy reveal, a re-proposal, elopement or surprise vow renewal we can help you coordinate and organize the experience. We find that once individuals have booked us for a PROposal they often come back to surprise their friends and family with maternity news or other life changes! Romance doesn’t stop at the PROposal, it is only the beginning.

What locations can you show me that a quick Google search can’t?

There is so much more to a location than being featured on a “best of” travel blog. Often those sights are crowded with tourists that no amount of photoshop can edit out, or don’t take lighting into account at the time of proposal (to name a few factors that Google can't tell you). We offer a knowledge base not only of spectacular locations, but also other details that may be missed by travel bloggers who don’t have the pressure of getting the details right for the big moment.

Will my fiance care if I use a Proposal Service?

We haven’t had an upset fiance yet and we don’t think we will ever experience one. The response of fiances has been one of extreme pleasure over knowing that their soon-to-be took the time to do it right. Often knowing that such care and consideration has been taken in making this moment happen only adds to the special day.

Why not just hire a photographer?

You can! But when it is crunch time and there are do-over's aren't an option, you need to make sure you are in PROfessional hands. Having completed hundreds of surprise proposals, we are quick on our feet and have experienced what it takes to nail the perfect PROposal.

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