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Add - Ons

Make it extra special!

Picnic:Additional Hours

Relax on the beach after you pop the question in our one-of-a-kind picnic setup. (Since we are surrounded by 112 miles of beach here in Oahu, we have plenty of places to choose from. Some of our favorites are Makua Beach located on the west side of Oahu,  Sunrise Beach at Kailua, and my personal favorite, Waikiki Beach)  (No additional photography at this time. Take this time to relax and bask in the Hawaiian sun and the glow of your engagement)

- $50/hour

Picnic Additional hours.jpg


Take any of our standard add-ons to the next level with some bright, beautiful, tropical flowers. Let us know if you want local tropical Hawaiian flowers or something more traditional like a bouquet of roses. We can decorate whatever add-ons you would like.

Price determined the arrangement. (Suggested $275+ for a picnic set up)

Charcuterie board

Each charcuterie board is customized to fit your taste. Boards can include cured meats, cheeses, fruits, sweet and savory bites, or any other of your favorite snackable. Please note any dietary requirements or allergies.

Small - $75  Large - $120

Picnic Additional hours.jpg

Picnic Basket

Enjoy a meal after your proposal by choosing our picnic package. We will offer up some of our favorite local spots along with drinks and desserts. If you are traveling outside of Honolulu for your proposal, getting food can be difficult. Don’t take away from the gorgeous picnic setup or the mood. Stave off the “hangries” or the need to rush out to grab a bite to eat with our picnic basket package.

-Price determined by desired foods and beverages.

Private Chef

We have partnered with one of Hawaii’s finest chefs at Aloha Culinary Group - They offer 2 different options - Food delivered or in-person chef

- Price determined by meal choice

Private chef.jpg


Toast to love or celebrate with a champagne shower. We can have a bottle of your favorite champagne, wine, beer, sparkling cider, or juice waiting for you after you pop the question.

-Price determined by desired beverages.

Red Roses (Silk)

Allow your partner to have the Hawaiian PROposal they have always dreamed of. PROpose in front of dozens and dozens of sustainable silk roses stuck into the sand at the Hawaiian beach of your choosing.

-  $10/dozen (up to 360 roses/30 dozen) mirrors and flameless candles included over 15 dozen 

Red silk roses.jpg
flameless candles.jpg

Flameless Candles

Set the mood for your sunset PROposal with flameless candles lighting the scene. This is the perfect addition to create the romantic scene to get down on one knee

- $50

Shell Ring Box

Wow your significant other with a literal one-of-a-kind shell ring box made by a local Hawaiian jeweler, made from shells found along the Hawaii beaches

- $35 - to keep

shell ring box.jpg
memory lane.jpg

Memory Lane

Set the mood for your sunset PROposal with flameless candles lighting the scene. This is the perfect addition to create the romantic scene to get down on one knee

- $50

Will you Marry Me Picket Sign

Stroll down the sandy beach to the perfect spot to kneel marked with our one-of-a-kind “Will you Marry Me” Picket sign

- $40

large 38 inch _MARRY ME_ sign.jpg

Large 38 Inch "MARRY ME" Sign

Set the mood for your sunset PROposal with flameless candles lighting the scene. This is the perfect addition to create the romantic scene to get down on one knee

- $50

"Shell" Say Yes

As you walk along the beach you’ll see a large Hawaiian shell (you can’t miss it), as your significant other picks it up the underside

reveals the big question – ‘Marry me?'

- $30

- All shells are for sale at an additional cost to take home (Shells may differ from the photo as people buy them often)

Shell say yes.jpg
Heart-shaped flower petals.jpg

Heart-Shaped Flower Petals

Big enough for you to kneel down and pop the question to the love of your life. We typically use red rose petals to celebrate your love but if you have a preferred rose petal we will inquire with our local florist

- $80

2 Custom Hawaii Leis

Hawaiian tradition lei is a common symbol of love, friendship, or celebration. Let’s celebrate your love with 2 custom made leis by a local Hawaiian florist

- $80 

Custom Hawaii lei.jpg

Haku Lei (Flower Crown)

The making and giving of the popular Hawaiian headdress were originally used for ceremony purposes, as adornment, and to signify rank. Make your fiancé feel like Hawaiian royalty with a custom Haku Lei

- $80 - please note any flower color preference.


Have a local musician play your favorite song on a Hawaiian Ukulele or something a little more romantic like a harp player setting the mood on the beach. Our most common musical requests: harpist, ukulele, guitar, and violinist (however, we have a variety of musicians who can accommodate any musical tastes).

- starting at $200

Tik Tok/Instagram

Let’s make all your friends jealous that you just got engaged in Hawaii.  Allow our influencer photographer to make a reel for your big engagement announcement on social media

- $75


Have one of our videographers record your once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian PROposal for you to share with your friends and family all over the world and for you to be able to look back on years later

-  Starting at $300/hour

Drone Photo/Video

Do you want the bird's eye view of your special moment? Let one of our trained drone pilots capture your special moment from the sky with their DJI drone

-  Starting at $200/hour


Scuba diving, freediving, or rolling around in the waves on the beach.  Let us capture your love as you embrace the Hawaii ocean for your romantic PROposal photos

- Starting at $300/hour

Additional Photography Hour(s)

I get it, we’re having too much fun.  Let’s keep the party going

- $350/hour(s)

Additional Location(s)

Beep beep who got the keys to the jeep…Let's take it from the beach to the jungle or wherever your love wants to go.  We have extensive knowledge of locations throughout Oahu to accommodate your vision for your photos. If you want to do your proposal on the beach and then move to the cliffs for some more photos - we can make it happen.

- $200

Rush Delivery (under 48 hours)

We know that we live in a “now” society.  We work tirelessly to get your photos to you quickly, but if you just can’t wait we can deliver them to you in under 48 hour 

- $200

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