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How PROposal Hawaii came to be…

Couples holding hand in hawaii after proposing

In 2021 I booked 32 proposal photoshoots. Each time the person proposing would have basic knowledge of how they wanted to propose but just need someone local to fill in the gaps and make it a realistic idea.

About 32 times I heard the same thing…

“I know I want to propose on the beach…”

“I know I want to propose at sunset…”

“I know I want to propose away from the large crowds…”

“…I have no idea what location”

“…I have no idea where to get flowers”

“…I have no idea how to get them to the location”

Well! I did know the perfect secluded beaches that are great at sunset.

I did know where to get flowers and everything else to customize your proposal. Organically, I started becoming a proposal planner without even trying. I loved chatting with each person, hearing their personal love story about the relationship and planning the perfect proposal for each couple. So on my birthday, December 18th 2021, I launched PROposal Hawaii. It’s been amazing being a part of so many magical moments and capturing proposals throughout Hawaii. I’m excited to continue capturing these special moments.

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