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Planning a last minute Hawaii PROposal

Planning a last minute Hawaii PROposal

a couple hugging on beach after proposing in Waikiki Honolulu Oahu last minute proposal

First things first..We can absolutely plan a last minute Hawaii proposal. 

You got busy with work, the vacation snuck up on you, you decided at the last minute to propose in Hawaii. Whatever happens, don’t worry we can still set up your perfect proposal.

Procrastination happens and there is no shame in it. First thing you need to do is contact us so we can start planning. A dream Hawaii proposal is a lot of work but we have your back. We have planned Hawaii proposals in as little as 8 hours. We can still make your last minute Oahu proposal as beautiful and personal as if you planned your proposal months ahead. 

The best tips for a last minute proposal:

  1. You don’t need a ring to propose! Lots of couples chose to design their engagement ring together. But that would ruin the surprise. Propose with a placeholder ring. Bonus you won’t be afraid to lose it snorkeling in Waikiki. 

  2. You still have time to make it personal, think about how you can make it unique to your relationship. The details are what matters and a few key personalized words or actions can speak volumes.  If you want extras such as videographers, flowers, musicians, etc.  Tell your proposal planner or photographer immediately so they can start to coordinate with the other vendors. 

  3. Think about what you’re going to say when you’re proposing. You don’t have to memorize a script, but jot down a few points you’d like to say when you drop down on one knee to propose. 

  4. Contact PROposal Hawaii ASAP so we can start planning. With extensive knowledge of Oahu and the surrounding Hawaii Islands, we can find the perfect backdrop and any setup you can dream up for your Oahu proposal. 

  5. One last pro tip: After you have your gameplan with your proposal planner or photographer - stick to the game plan.  I wouldn’t think I would have to mention this but so many people go rogue at the last minute

Bonus: Just think, since it’s last minute there is less time to be nervous. 

If you have time set up a free consultation here 

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