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How to PROpose on a Boat in Hawaii

Couple proposing in hawaii in front of diamond head

What screams romantic proposal more than proposing on a boat while you are vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii?!

FIRST THINGS FIRST!! Don’t end up internet famous for dropping the ring!!!

Now that we’ve addressed that. You’ll need to figure out if you want to do it during the day when you can literally make a splash with your proposal and jump in the water and scuba dive or snorkel around with sea turtles after. Or do you want to sail off into the sunset after you drop to a knee?

There are a bunch of private boat charters you can rent out. Whatever kind of boat you want to propose in Hawaii will have here. So just decide if you want a yacht, powerboat, catamaran, sailboat, or another kind of vessel.

Couple Proposing on a Yacht in Hawaii

PROposal Hawaii has a few decorates that will work great for your boat proposal. If you want to make it more customized with special decorations keep in mind you don’t know what weather you’ll be getting. Most days on Oahu are bright and sunny but the Pacific Ocean can serve up wind and waves so if you do want to decorate your vessel make sure the decorations can be secured. Flowers are always a great touch to beautify the boat.

Couple Proposing on a boat with sunset in background

Our photographer will act like we’re a part of the boat crew or a member of the boat company's social media team just capturing content. When you’re ready to propose we will be there to capture your special moment. If you do want to dive in the water after we have the right equipment to follow you in the water and capture the laughs and smiles as you’re swimming around.

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