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3 Sneaky Tips on How to Find your Partner's Ring Size Before You PROpose

You don't want to be the person who…

..... planned the perfect Hawaiian PROposal down to the very last detail.  

.... You drop to a knee.

..... Ask the love of your life to be your partner for ever and ever.  

.... You present a beautiful ring

.... and go to slip it on their finger. 


The shame, the embarrassment, THE AUDACITY!! 

Don’t worry we are here to give you tips on how to get the right ring size so this doesn’t happen to you when you PROpose in Hawaii - or anywhere.

Don't worry we won't let that happen to you. Below are 3 sneaky tips on how to find your partner's ring size before you PROpose.

1. ‘Steal’ One Of Their Rings - Take one of their favorite rings to your nearest jeweler for sizing. This is a speedy process and is a far more accurate way of knowing your partner’s ring size. You have to be tactful though… there’s no point taking a ring they wear every day and will panic about having lost! See if you can pinpoint a ring they wear regularly, is comfortable ,and is worn on a useful finger, but won’t notice it is missing. 

  • BONUS TIP!! Don’t forget, the average person’s dominant writing hand is slightly bigger than their non-writing hand. If you take a ring worn on their right and they are right-handed, you MAY need to scale down for a ring to be worn on their left.

2. Do Your Best Ring Drawing - If you can’t sneak your partner's ring to the jeweler.  Find one of their favorite rings and draw around it on a piece of paper. This might sound simple, but it is far more accurate than guesswork alone. Draw around the outside of the ring and the inside, so you can show your jeweler both the diameter and the circumference.

If you really want to get it right, make sure to draw around a ring with a similar width to the diamond engagement ring or gemstone engagement ring you have been eyeing. Wider rings fit tighter on the finger than slimmer engagement ring bands, so it is important to have some knowledge of what engagement ring style you are going for.

3. Be Stealthy With String - How sneaky are you?  For this tricky but super accurate way of measuring your partner’s ring finger size. Take a piece of string and wrap it around their ring finger. Mark the place where the ends meet with a pen and take this to your jeweler. Trying to do this while your partner sleeps is no easy feat, but if you master it you will feel very pleased with yourself… and it’s a great story to tell later!

The details matter when it comes to your PROposal. We aim to make your Oahu PROposal one they won't forget. Book your free 15-minute consultation phone call to take some of the pressure off and start planning today

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