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Top 3 tips on PROposing in Hawaii

a couple proposing on the beach in Waikiki Honolulu Oahu  during sunset

You’ve got the ring, you’ve booked your flight, hotel, and rental car, now what?!  Here are 3 tips that will really help your Hawaii PROposal run smoothly.

  1. Location, Location, Location - You didn’t come all the way out to Hawaii to propose in a bad spot.

Research Locations - Oahu has a little bit of everything. Do you want an urban location to propose at? Maybe the Honolulu skyline with Waikiki Hotel Views are your thing. Do you want popular beaches or secluded beaches in Oahu? Waimea Bay is beautiful - but crowded. Waimanalo beaches are secluded. Do you want hikes, waterfalls, cliffs, rocks or other bits of Hawaii’s natural beauty? Oahu has it all. Start with figuring out in general what you want your proposal to be then research the best spot for your relationship. 

If you have no clue where you’d like to propose when you come to Hawaii, you can ask us at PROposal Hawaii and we will help you with recommendations. 

2. PROpose Earlier Rather Than Later On Your Vacation - You want to be able to relax on vacation, and a ring box you’re trying to hide in a hotel room isn’t going to allow that! You are going to be nervous enough when planning your PROposal, don’t let her potentially finding the ring in the luggage be in the back of your mind. Other good reasons to PROpose early into your dream getaway to Hawaii: 

  • Beat the suburned pictures. Tans take awhile to develop and you will likely end up red as a lobster instead of a crisp golden brown. Make sure the pictures turn out with you both looking your best. 

  • Weather. The weather can’t be controlled, and you may have a rainy day any time in Hawaii. Hedge your bets and allow for time to reschedule if necessary. 

  • You get to bask in the glow of being a finance! Spend the rest of the vacation in pure bliss with your significant other. Go ahead and show off to every tour guide and fellow luau guests that gorgeous rock! 

3. Plan Ahead - Try to do as much planningas you can.  

If you are booking with PROposal Hawaii, you are already one step ahead! We will help you with weather, give you tips on the best time of day for the location you have chosen, and even draw you a map to your proposal location. We aim to make sure that you can be as relaxed as you can be in this situation. Let yourself have those nervous butterflies, and leave the PROposal to the PROs. 

Stay tuned for more tips on how to have the most smooth proposal in Hawaii. 

Click the link below to set up a free a consultation now.

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